Data Type Limitations

ANSI C code synthesis of MLDesigner FSM models supports almost all data types, provided by the system design tool. Some limitations have to be made in terms of memory consumption and run-time efficiency.

Only well defined data types of a fixed memory size are allowed to avoid dynamic memory allocation. In this context, a maximum length must be defined for string characters. Furthermore, the set of vector data structures is limited to integer vector and float vector, both with a settable maximum number of elements.

Lastly, connected ports and linked memory arguments must be of exact the same data type, because the code generator does not support data type inheritance. The following table presents all data types, supported for ANSI C code synthesis of MLDesigner FSM models. Members of composite data structures can be of any of these types, for instance another composite data structure.

Data Type Limitations

Data Type







fixed number of characters

Composite Data Structures




Integer Vector

fixed number of elements

Float Vector

fixed number of elements