Source primitives

Signal generators of various types.

Sink primitives

Primitives that display signals in different ways or write the value of signal samples to files.

Arithmetic primitives

Basic adders, subtracters, multipliers, and amplifiers, for all the standard scalar data types (floating point, complex, fixed-point, and integer).

Nonlinear primitives

Primitives that compute transcendental functions, such as logarithm, cosine, sine, and exponential functions, as well as quantizer and table lookup primitives.

Logic primitives

Primitives that perform Boolean and comparison operations, such as and, or, and greater than.

Control primitives

Primitives that manipulate the flow of tokens, such as commutators and distributors, downsamplers and upsamplers, and forks.

Conversion primitives

Primitives that explicitly accomplish type conversion.

Matrix primitives

Matrix operators such as matrix addition and multiplication.

Signal processing (DSP) primitives

Various signal processing functions such as fixed and adaptive filters of various types.

Filter primitives

Communication primitives

Primitives that are specific to digital communications functions, such as pulse shapers, speech coders, and QAM encoders.

Telecommunication primitives

Touch-tone generators and decoders, channel models, and PCM coders.

Radar primitives

The primitives and modules collected in this library where developed by Karim Khiar from Thomson CSF. They are used by a demonstration named RadarChainProcessing which can be found in MLD Libraries→HOF Domain→Demo. The radar simulation, though five-dimensional, is implemented using SDF, which is a one-dimensional data flow model.

Image processing primitives

Primitives for image and video signal processing.

Neural network primitives

The neural network primitives demonstrate logic functions using classical artificial neurons and McCulloch-Pitts neuron.

Tcl/Tk primitives

Most of the primitives that interface to Tcl appear in libraries that reflect their function. For instance, all the primitives beginning with Tk in the sinks library are actually Tcl primitives derived from TclScript. This is the most generic Tcl primitive with no function on its own. It must have a Tcl script associated with it to make it useful. Please refer to Programming→Using Tcl/Tk in primitives to learn about writing such scripts.