Logic primitives

Primitives that perform Boolean and comparison operations, such as and, or, and greater than.

The logic library contains a number of base primitives. To select the specific type of primitive function you require, drag the primitive into a system or module to open the Select Special Primitive dialog.

Compare two inputs. The test condition can be any of EQ, NE, GT, GE, resulting in equals, not equals, greater than, or greater than or equals. If crossingsOnly is TRUE, then the output is non-zero only when the outcome of the test changes from TRUE to FALSE or FALSE to TRUE. In this case, the first output is always TRUE.
Output a 1 if the top input is a multiple of the bottom input.
This primitive applies a logical operation to any number of inputs. The inputs are integers interpreted as booleans, where zero is FALSE and nonzero is TRUE. The logical operations supported are NOT, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, with any number of inputs.