A rather large number of SDF demonstrations have been developed. These can serve as valuable illustrations of the possibilities. Almost every primitive is illustrated in the demos. Because of the large number, the demos are organized into a set of libraries. Certain demos may appear in more than one library.

Basic demos

These demos illustrate the use of certain primitives without necessarily performing functions that are sophisticated.

Multi-rate demos

These demos illustrate synchronous data flow principles as applied to multi-rate signal processing problems.

Communication demos

This library contains some examples of digital communication systems and channel simulators.

Digital signal processing demos

A fairly large number of signal processing applications are represented in this library.

Sound demos

The demos in this library assume that a program called ptplay is in your path, and that it accepts data of an appropriate format and will play it over the computer sound card at an 8 kHz sample rate. The samples are written into a file before they are played. Since a large number of samples must be generated, these demos can take some time to run.

Image processing demos

The demos in this library read images from files on the hard disk, process them, and then display them. Some of the demos process short sequences of images, thus illustrating video processing in MLDesigner. They all use the image classes described in Image processing primitives . The set of demos in this library does not reflect the richness of possibilities. See the DE domain for more image and video signal processing applications in the context of packet-switched network simulations. The video demos require that the Utah Raster Toolkit be installed and available in the user’s path.

Vector quantization demos

These demos perform vector quantization procedures on images.

Fix demos

These demos illustrate the use of fixed-point primitives in the SDF domain. These primitives are used to model hardware implementations with finite precision.

Tcl/Tk demos

These demos allow interaction with the simulation. The interactivity is provided by the Tcl scripting language controlling the Tk graphics toolkit. Tcl/Tk is integrated throughout MLDesigner.

Matrix demos

These systems demonstrate the use of matrix particles in MLDesigner. Matrices are also used in the SDF domain to represent images. See Image processing demos . The demonstrations below are primarily to test matrix operations.