Matrix demos

These systems demonstrate the use of matrix particles in MLDesigner. Matrices are also used in the SDF domain to represent images. See Image processing demos. The demonstrations below are primarily to test matrix operations.

Demonstrate the use of the Matrix primitives that have one input. These include the operations inverse, transpose, and multiply by a scalar gain for all matrix types. Also conjugate and Hermitian transpose are available for the complex matrix type.
Demonstrate the use of some simple Matrix primitives with two inputs. These include multiply, add, and subtract.
Demonstrate the use of the Matrix conversion primitives. These convert between the scalar particles and the matrix particles as well as between the various matrix types.
Illustrate the use of initializable delays with the matrix class.
Compare the convergence properties of a Kalman filter to those of an LMS filter when addressing the problem of adaptive equalization of a process in noise.
Show the use of singular-value decomposition (SVD) and the Multiple-Signal Characterization (MUSIC) algorithm to identify the frequency of a single sinusoid in a signal that has two different signal to noise ratios.
Demonstrate the use of the Multiple-Signal Characterization (MUSIC) algorithm to identify three sinusoids in noise that have frequencies very close to each other.