Image processing demos

The demos in this library read images from files on the hard disk, process them, and then display them. Some of the demos process short sequences of images, thus illustrating video processing in MLDesigner. They all use the image classes described in Image processing primitives. The set of demos in this library does not reflect the richness of possibilities. See the DE domain for more image and video signal processing applications in the context of packet-switched network simulations. The video demos require that the Utah Raster Toolkit be installed and available in the user’s path.

Combine two images and display the result.
Demonstrate four different forms of black and white dithering: error diffusion, clustered dither, dispersed dither, and use custom mask.
Contrast enhancement by histogram modification.
Convert an RGB (red-green-blue) format color image to YUV (luminance-hue-saturation) format and back, and then display it on the screen.
Median filter an image to reduce artifacts due to interleaved scanning in video sequences.
Perform discrete cosine transform (DCT) coding of an image sequence.
Perform differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) on an image sequence.
Demonstrate four different forms of edge detection: Sobel, Roberts, Prewitt, and Frei-Chen.
Perform motion compensation and DCT encoding of video.
Perform motion compensation video coding.