CTDE Domain

Purpose of the domain

The purpose of the Continuous-Time and Discrete-Event (CTDE) domain is to simulate continuous-time and mixed signal systems and to combine these systems with existing MLDesigner domains.

Introduction to the CTDE domain

As the name CTDE Continuous Time/Discrete Event suggests, two distinct models of computation are combined into one domain. The next two sections describe each of the models of computation. These descriptions are followed by a discussion of how the two models are linked in the CTDE domain.

Continuous-Time computation models

The combined Continuous Time/Discrete Event model of computation

To overcome the limitations described Continuous-Time computation models , the continuous-time model of computation is extended by adding Discrete-Event semantics.

Modeling in the CTDE domain

The CTDE domain supports all the modeling features that are found in other domains. Models are represented by block diagrams; the block diagrams are assembled, the domain supports all the modeling features and model-building commands that are available in other domains.

Example: Bouncing Ball-Model

Here, we show an example commonly used for demonstrating the handling of state-events. A ball bounces repeatedly on a surface.

User-adjustable parameters

The CTDE domain has several unique simulation parameters that can be edited in the System Properties window.