Choose the right licensing model

MLDesigner's licensing model includes several options to use the software in a flexible way. Usage model, pricing and modalities highly depend on the company's demands and/or the situation induced by a certain engineering project.

Floating license

The concurrent user licensing model allows an application to be used on the network by multiple clients. A dedicated host in the company's network is required to manage available licenses. This node (called license server) tracks application usage in realtime considering the count of bought licenses.

Node-locked license

Using the node-locked licensing model permits the use of an application on a specific workstation. Licenses are directly bound to hardware characteristics. Single machine licenses do not require a dedicated license server, the entitlement process is completely local.

Summary of licensing models

The deployment of a particular licensing model depends on your needs and how the company's infrastructure is organized.

Floating Node-locked
  • Concurrent usage
  • Network connection required (intranet/internet)
  • Well suited in frequently changing environments (laptops, hardware updates)
  • Bound to a single workstation
  • No network connection required
  • Re-hosting required if the workstation's hardware is updated or renewed

 For more information about what license model is suited for your company, please do not hesitate to contact the support team.