License settings

Once MLDesigner is installed, you have to setup a license server or point MLDesigner to an external one, depending on your licensing model.

Floating license

Set up an external license server

To set up a license server on machines without an installed MLDesigner, please refer to the License Administration Guide from FLEXERA.

Use an external license server

You can cause MLDesigner to use an external license server by setting an environment variable.

  1. Press Windows logo key+R.
  2. Type sysdm.cpl and press Return.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables.
  4. Under System variables click New....
  5. In the New System Variable dialog enter MLD_LICENSE_FILE as Variable name.
  6. As Variable value enter port@server. The default port range of 27000 to 27009 is used in case port is omitted. For example, @licserv will cause MLDesigner to try connecting to the machine named licserv on the ports 27000-27009.
  7. When you are done accept the changes with OK

Borrow a license from an external license server

If the license server supports borrowing you can borrow a license with the lmborrow tool which is shipped with MLDesigner. Open the MLDesigner Command Prompt (Start > MLDesigner > MLDesigner Tools > Command Prompt) on the client machine and run:

  1. $MLD/license/$MLDARCH/lmborrow mld <expiration date>

The expiration date is given in the form dd-mmm-yyyy [hh:mm]. You can run lmborrow with -help for further information.

A license will be borrowed the next time MLDesigner checks out a license. For this initial checkout your machine needs to be able to communicate with the license server. After that there will be no further communication with the license server until the end of the borrow period.

Node-locked license

Set up a license server

To set up a FlexNet Publisher license server on Microsoft Windows you can use the MLDesigner License Administration Tool.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the MLDesigner Application Framework Modify-Tool. There are several methods to do this:
    1. Start menu shortcut: Click Start, type Modify MLDesigner and choose Modify MLDesigner installation from the selection
    2. Control Panel: Open the Control Panel, click Uninstall a program, choose MLDesigner, click Change at the top of the program list, and now click Modify/Repair MLDesigner Software in the MLDesigner installation assistant.
    3. Manually, run MLDesigner installation assistant: Go to the MLDesigner installation directory (by default %SYSTEMDRIVE%\MLDesign\MLDesigner), execute mld.modify.exe and choose Modify/Repair MLDesigner Software
  2. Choose License Administration
  3. Click Browse, select the license file and click Open
  4. After the file was successfully opened, its contents are displayed in the text box above the Browse button and you can click Install Service on the left.
  5. Once the service is installed, you can click Start Service to start it.

Set up a license server with LMTOOLS (deprecated)

MLDesigner is shipped with LMTOOLS. This program provides a graphical interface to create and run the licensing service daemon for MLDesigner node-locked licenses.

  1. Go to the MLDesigner installation directory (by default %SYSTEMDRIVE%\MLDesign\MLDesigner). There you should find a directory license and below it a subdirectory specific to your architecture. Enter it and execute the binary lmtools.exe. You need administrative permissions in order to run this application.
  2. Click the Config Services tab.
  3. Enter a Service Name, for example, MLD License Service.
  4. Enter the Path to the lmgrd.exe file by clicking the appropriate Browse button (lmgrd.exe is located in the same directory as lmtools.exe).
  5. Enter the path to license file you have received at Path to the license file.
  6. Select the Use Services check box (and optionally the Start Server at Power Up check box).
  7. Click on Save Service.
  8. Click the Start/Stop/Reread tab.
  9. Click Start Server.

After the service was installed successfully, you can quit LMTOOLS, the service keeps running in the background.


Problem Possible Solutions
 Software License Checkout Failed 
  • Re-/Install the license service
  • Floating license users may check the systems network connection.
  • Floating license users may check that the environment variable MLD_LICENSE_FILE is set to a correct value (e.g., 27000@licenseservername) and that it applies to the current user (i.e., that it is a System variable).
  • Floating license users may check the firewall settings.
  • An old license file is used (Error -33). This error occurs, if the license server does not support MLDesigner 3.0 yet.
  • Floating license users may check whether the version of the FLEXnet software running on the server is compatible with the version of the FLEXnet Licensing Essentials shipped with MLDesigner (Error -7).