Tree View

Find and optionally replace instances

It is now possible to search instances of a specified model and optionally replace found instances with a different model.

To start a search right-click on the model you would like to search and choose Find / Replace.... The Find and Replace Instances dialog will show up. Enter the model you'd like to search for in Find Model and click Find. The bottom half of the dialog lists the search results.

To use the replace functionality select the items in which to replace instances, enter the model to replace the instances with in Replace by Model and click Replace. You might want to view the models in which to replace instances first, to do this right-click on a list item and choose Open Model.

Create new libraries below items of type Directory

You can now create Libraries below Tree View items of type Directory (for example, My Libraries) directly by right-clicking on the directory item and choosing New Model→Library.

Show other files in the Tree View

A filter was added to Show Other Files in the Tree View. Enabling this filter can helpful, for example, to quickly access makefiles associated with primitives.