Console View

Keep track of probes in the current system

To keep track of probes, a panel was added to the Console View which lists all probes in the current system. A single click on an entry focuses the Model Editor on the selected probe. The Probes panel also gives you the means to remove a single probe or all probes together. To remove a specific probe, right-click on the appropriate entry in the list and choose Remove. To remove all probes in the system, right-click on any list entry and choose Remove All.

Monitor FSM states

It is now possible to monitor the current state of all FSMs in the current system. Turn on FSM States in the Modeling toolbar to activate the FSM States panel. The panel lists the FSMs of the current system on the left, with their current state on the right.

Open separate PTcl shells

It's now possible to open several independent PTcl shells to access the built-in PTcl interpreter. To issue a new PTcl Shell panel right-click on the background of a shell type panel (Command, Simulation or PTcl Shell panel) and choose New PTcl Shell.