Simulations run detached from main MLDesigner process

Simulations run in a separate process now. This has the advantage that MLDesigner no longer crashes due to programmer error in user defined primitives. This comes along with a couple of changes.

  1. A simulation has now its own dedicated panel for simulation output, the Simulation panel. The Command panel no longer serves this purpose.
  2. It is no longer possible to debug user defined primitives by starting MLDesigner in an external debugger. For this, the Debugger Mode was introduced (see below).

Run simulations in Debugger Mode

A Debugger Mode was added to debug user defined primitives with an external debugger. You can choose between a text based debugger (gdb) and a graphical debugger (ddd) in the Settings (Run Control→Debugging).

On Windows, the only supported debugger at the moment is gdb.

You can enter the Debugger Mode by a click on the arrow next to the toolbar button Switch to Simulation Mode and choose Switch to Debugger Mode.