Tree View

File View merged into Library View

The Library View is now a mixture of the Library and File View from MLDesigner 2. As in MLDesigner 2 the Library View gives a logical representation of the physical model files and directories. In addition the Library View shows the Directory items Home, Root and Trashcan as well as any File items associated with certain models (for example, Primitive Source files).

Create Model option renamed to Create Primitive and Create FSM, respectively

The menu options used to create models from source were renamed appropriate to the respective model type, that is, items of type Primitive Source now offer a Create Primitive... option and items of type FSM STD File a Create FSM... option.

Automatic expansion of Library items by mouse over

While dragging around items in the Tree View, holding the mouse over an item of Type Library causes the library to expand.

Save As of Libraries does not copy Data Structures anymore

When using Save As... to copy a library, data structures contained in that library will not be copied into the new library anymore.