Property Editor

Improved assignment of values with Data Type enum

The Enum Value dialog which is used to assign a value to parameters of Data Type enum can now be accessed by an ellipsis button (...) to the right of the Value property. In addition, it is possible to give enumeration members arbitrary integer representations. For this an Index column was added to the Enum Value dialog.

Selective simulation of Parameter Sets

For simulations with multiple Parameter Sets it is now possible to specify which Parameter Sets you want to simulate. The property Simulate Parameter Sets can be found in the Simulation Properties and is only active if the simulation has more than one Parameter Set. You can manually enter a semicolon separated list of numbers or use a dialog to choose from available Parameter Sets.

Change target parameters of wormholes

For instances representing a wormhole, it is now possible to change the target parameters of the inner target.

Keep track of the current instance while debugging

A new simulation property called Current Instance was introduced. It can be used during debugging to select between different instances of the model shown in the current model editor. You will find this property among the Simulation Properties. When a breakpoint is hit, it displays the current instance. You can choose to display other instances by a click on the ellipsis button (...).