License settings

Once MLDesigner is installed, you have to setup a license server or point MLDesigner to an external one, depending on your licensing model.

Floating license

Set up an external license server

To set up a license server on machines without an installed MLDesigner, please refer to the License Administration Guide from FLEXERA.

Use an external license server

You can cause MLDesigner to use an external license server by setting an environment variable. You may follow these steps to do so.

  1. Open a new file called in /etc/profile.d.
  2. Enter the following line: export MLD_LICENSE_FILE=port@server

    port is optional, in case it is omitted the default port range of 27000 to 27009 is used. For example, export MLD_LICENSE_FILE=@licserv will cause MLDesigner to try connecting to the machine named licserv on the ports 27000-27009.

  3. Log out and back in again so the changes can take effect.

Borrow a license from an external license server

If the license server supports borrowing you can borrow a license with the lmborrow tool which is shipped with MLDesigner. Open a terminal on the client machine and run:

  1. $(mldpwdinf)/license/$(mldarch)/lmborrow mld <expiration date>

The expiration date is given in the form dd-mmm-yyyy [hh:mm]. You can run lmborrow with -help for further information.

A license will be borrowed the next time MLDesigner checks out a license. For this initial checkout your machine needs to be able to communicate with the license server. After that there will be no further communication with the license server until the end of the borrow period.

Node-locked license

Setup a license server

Follow these steps if you want your local machine to act as a license server.

  1. Open a terminal and log in as root by typing su.
  2. Make sure /usr/local/bin is contained in the PATH environment variable.
  3. Type mldlm install license, where license is the path to the license file.
  4. Once the installation of the license daemon is successful, you can type mldlm start to start the license server.