Release notes for MLDesigner 4

Detailed release notes listing changes and solved issues in recent MLDesigner 4 versions.

Solved issues

Component Platform SRID IIID Summary
Simulation Windows 1802 MLD-4703 Spurious warning about already defined data structures when running a simulation.
Simulation Linux MLD-4729 CTDE simulations crash on Fedora 29
Model Editor All 1798 MLD-4684 Can not import invalid library errors don't indicate their origin.
Model Editor All MLD-4689 Modifications to a label in the Model Editor are undone when changing label properties.
Installer Linux MLD-4700 License installation fails if License Checkout Failed dialog is still open.


Component Platform Summary
MLDesigner Linux Support for GCC 8
MLDesigner Windows Support for 64bit
MinGW runtime Windows Update to GCC 7 (from GCC 3.4)
Tcl/Tk libraries All Update to version 8.6