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CTDEStar Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CTDEStar:

Public Types

enum  CTDEWidthResolveState {

Public Member Functions

virtual void acceptStep ()
void acceptStepWithNotify ()
const char * className () const
CTDEContSchedulerBase * contScheduler () const
virtual const char * domain () const
void ErrorInheritPortWidth ()
void ErrorInheritPortWidth (const InCTDEPort &pPort)
virtual void evalDerivative ()
virtual void evalOutput ()
const CTDEGraphInfo::StarAdjInfo & getDependencyInfo () const
CTDEGraphInfo::StarAdjInfo & getDependencyInfo ()
void go ()
bool hasFeedthrough (const OutCTDEPort &pOut, size_t pOutIdx, const InCTDEPort &pIn, size_t pInIdx) const
void initialize ()
virtual int isA (const char *) const
int run ()
virtual void signalStateChange ()
const double time () const
bool useVirtualConnections () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DEStar
virtual void addEvent (SpecialEvent &pEvent)
void addResource (BaseResource &pRes)
const char * className () const
const char * domain () const
void eventDispatcher (const SpecialEvent *id, Type *data, int eventID)
bool getAndInputCondition () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
int isMutable ()
void makeMutable ()
int run ()
void sendOutput ()
void setAndInputCondition (bool pCondition=true)
virtual void startNewPhase ()

Public Attributes

CTDEWidthResolveState mWidthResolveState
- Public Attributes inherited from DEStar
double arrivalTime
double completionTime
int delayType
BasePrioQueue * eventQ
int isRCStar
InDEPort ** mInPortCache
int mNumberInputs
int mNumberOutputs
OutDEPort ** mOutPortCache

Protected Member Functions

void breakAt (double time, BreakPointType t=BREAK)
void setAlgebraic (bool pFeedthrough=true)
void setFeedthrough ()
bool timeLt (double t1, double t2)
void unsetFeedthrough ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DEStar
void addEventEntry (const SpecialEvent *pAddr, PtrToEvMetT pf)
void setMode (FiringMode m)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from DEStar
static AddressTable GlobalAddressTable
static GotoGroup GlobalGoto
- Protected Attributes inherited from DEStar
FiringMode mode

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CTDEStar::acceptStep ( )

After a valid integration step, update the internal states of a star

void CTDEStar::acceptStepWithNotify ( )

Perform acceptStep, but trigger porthole notifications and pre-and postactions accordingly.

virtual void CTDEStar::evalDerivative ( )

Compute the derivatives of the states with respect to time. This values must bet stored in the dot values of the integrator states. overload this method if your primitive contains continuous states

virtual void CTDEStar::evalOutput ( )

Compute Note: This method must not change the internal state (states or member variables) of the primitive

void CTDEStar::go ( )

Compute the discrete response of a star. Must be implemented for not purely continuopus states.

bool CTDEStar::hasFeedthrough ( const OutCTDEPort pOut,
size_t  pOutIdx,
const InCTDEPort pIn,
size_t  pInIdx 
) const

returns true if Star contains an algebraic Path

virtual void CTDEStar::signalStateChange ( )

Inform the model that the value of a continuos signal changed discontinuously.

must be called in acceptStep()

const double CTDEStar::time ( ) const

In evalOutputs() and evalDots(), this time can change forward and backwards.

bool CTDEStar::useVirtualConnections ( ) const

Query whether the Specify whether Retrieve w

Member Data Documentation

CTDEWidthResolveState CTDEStar::mWidthResolveState

Flag to determine the current state of width resolving, experimental