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DDFForwardScheduler Class Reference

#include <DDFForwardScheduler.h>

Inheritance diagram for DDFForwardScheduler:
DDFSimpleSched DDFScheduler DynDFScheduler

Public Member Functions

 DDFForwardScheduler ()
 ~DDFForwardScheduler ()
void deadlockIteration (int flag)
int run ()
void setup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DDFSimpleSched
void deadlockIteration (int flag)
int run ()
void setup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DDFScheduler
const char * domain () const
void resetFlag ()
void setup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DynDFScheduler
StringList displaySchedule ()
double getStopTime ()
void resetStopTime (double v)
int run ()
void setParams (int numOver, double pd, int maxbsize)
void setStopTime (double limit)
void setup ()

Protected Types

typedef std::deque
< DataFlowStar * > 

Protected Member Functions

bool classifyPredecessor (DataFlowStar *pS)
bool classifyStar (DataFlowStar *pS)
bool classifySuccessor (DataFlowStar *pS)
DataFlowStar * findLeastDeferred ()
bool initialClassify ()
virtual bool isSource (const DataFlowStar &s) const
int pragmaRegistered (DataFlowStar *as)
int runStar (DataFlowStar *pS)
bool setupStars ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DDFSimpleSched
void initStructures ()
int isSource (DataFlowStar &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DynDFScheduler
virtual int checkBlocks ()
DFPortHole * checkInputOverflow (DataFlowStar &, int)
void reportArcOverflow (DFPortHole *, int)
void resetFlags ()

Protected Attributes

DFStarList * mCurrentReadyStars
DFStarList mEvenReadyStars
DFStarList * mNextReadyStars
DFStarList mOddReadyStars
DFStarList mPragmaStars
- Protected Attributes inherited from DDFSimpleSched
int firedOne
int runUntilDeadlock
- Protected Attributes inherited from DynDFScheduler
int galSize
int lazyDepth
int maxToken
SequentialList nonSourceBlocks
long long numFiring
int numOverlapped
DFPortHole * overFlowArc
SequentialList sourceBlocks
long long stopTime

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DynDFScheduler
double schedulePeriod

Detailed Description

Performance optimized DDF Scheduler. The behaviour is derived from DDFSimpleSched. A iteration is defined as in DDFSimpleSched. The buffer overflow condition is slightly different from this scheduler.

See Also
Andreas Franck $d$

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DDFForwardScheduler::DDFForwardScheduler ( )

The constructor.

DDFForwardScheduler::~DDFForwardScheduler ( )

Destructor, frees dynamic storage.

Member Function Documentation

bool DDFForwardScheduler::classifyPredecessor ( DataFlowStar *  pS)

Classify a star as Runnable, Not runnable or Deferred. This method is run after a star connected to an outport of pS was fired. In this special version of classifyStar, only the outports are classified anew.

true if successful.
bool DDFForwardScheduler::classifyStar ( DataFlowStar *  pS)

Classify a star as Runnable, Not runnable or Deferred. This method is usually called in the setup method. At runtime, the following specialized methods are used.

true if succesful.
bool DDFForwardScheduler::classifySuccessor ( DataFlowStar *  pS)

Classify a star as Runnable, Not runnable or Deferred. This method is run after a star connected to an inport of pS was fired. This is an optimized version of classifyStar, only the input portholes are tested.

false on error.
void DDFForwardScheduler::deadlockIteration ( int  flag)

Turn on or off the feature where the scheduler runs in one iteration until it deadlocks.

runUntilDeadlockFALSE for running a specified number of iterations, FALSE for running until a deadlock occurs.
DataFlowStar * DDFForwardScheduler::findLeastDeferred ( )

Find the least deferred star. If there is no deferred star, the simulation is deadlocked.

This an expensive method, and it is assumed that it will not be called often.
Pointer to the least deferred star or NULL if nonen was found.
bool DDFForwardScheduler::initialClassify ( )

Classifies the stars before the simulation starts. The stars are classified as not runnable, deferred or runnable. The lists of runnable Stars are initialized and filled for the first time, the respective pointers are set for the first iteration (iteration #0).

false if an error occured
bool DDFForwardScheduler::isSource ( const DataFlowStar &  s) const

Determine if the star is a source. The definition used here follows DDFSimpleSched, where a source is a star without inputs.

This method overrides DDFSimpleSched::isSource() to make this method as const as possible.
sThe star in question return true if s is a source star.
int DDFForwardScheduler::pragmaRegistered ( DataFlowStar *  as)

Check to see whether a firingsPerIteration pragma is registered for the star. If so, parse that pragma and store it in the star. Also, add a pointer to the star to the pragmaStars list if the value of the pragma is non-zero.

asThe star to be be parsed and possibly registered.
FALSE on error.

Reimplemented from DDFSimpleSched.

int DDFForwardScheduler::run ( )

The run function.

See Also
int DDFForwardScheduler::runStar ( DataFlowStar *  pS)

Fire the specified star. This method calls the derived Str::run() methos checks the overflow condition. Also sets the state of this and the connected stars and schedules them for invocation.

void DDFForwardScheduler::setup ( )

The setup function.

bool DDFForwardScheduler::setupStars ( )

Initialize the stars for simulation. This includes setting up the input and output caches of the stars and registering of the firingsPerIteration pragma. The input and output ports ports of every star are held in dynamically allocated arrays. This method has to be called in the setup() method and after a topology change, if supported.

true if successfull.

Member Data Documentation

DFStarList* DDFForwardScheduler::mCurrentReadyStars

Pointer to the currently used list of ready Stars

DFStarList DDFForwardScheduler::mEvenReadyStars

List of runnable stars. There are to alternating lists, This holds the ready stars in even iterations.

DFStarList* DDFForwardScheduler::mNextReadyStars

Pointer to the list of stars to be fired in the next iteration

DFStarList DDFForwardScheduler::mOddReadyStars

List of runnable stars. There are to alternating lists, This holds the ready stars in odd iterations.

DFStarList DDFForwardScheduler::mPragmaStars

List to hold the stars with a registered pragma. The pragmaStars list from DDFSimpleSched is not used due to performance problems.