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DDFScheduler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DDFScheduler:
DynDFScheduler DDFClustSched DDFSimpleSched DDFBackwardPropagationScheduler DDFForwardScheduler

Public Member Functions

const char * domain () const
void resetFlag ()
void setup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DynDFScheduler
StringList displaySchedule ()
double getStopTime ()
void resetStopTime (double v)
int run ()
void setParams (int numOver, double pd, int maxbsize)
void setStopTime (double limit)
void setup ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DynDFScheduler
double schedulePeriod
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DynDFScheduler
virtual int checkBlocks ()
DFPortHole * checkInputOverflow (DataFlowStar &, int)
virtual void initStructures ()
virtual int isSource (DataFlowStar &s)
void reportArcOverflow (DFPortHole *, int)
void resetFlags ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from DynDFScheduler
int galSize
int lazyDepth
int maxToken
SequentialList nonSourceBlocks
long long numFiring
int numOverlapped
DFPortHole * overFlowArc
SequentialList sourceBlocks
long long stopTime

Member Function Documentation

void DDFScheduler::setup ( )

Initialize myself and the associated system for a simulation run. Overloads DynDFScheduler::setup to gain a more sophisticated initialization. (e.G, avoid the second call to setup() for each primitive.)