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DEBaseSched Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for DEBaseSched:
CQScheduler DEPriorityFreeScheduler DEPriorityScheduler DERCScheduler DEScheduler MutableCQScheduler

Public Member Functions

int checkDelayFreeLoop ()
const char * className () const
int computeDepth ()
const char * domain () const
virtual int fetchEvent (InDEPort *p, double timeVal)
int isA (const char *) const
virtual double nextEvent () const =0
virtual BasePrioQueue * queue ()
virtual double whenStop ()

Public Attributes

double relTimeScale

Static Protected Attributes

static const int cDefaultToUniversalPriority = -1
int checkLoop (PortHole *p, DEStar *s)
int setDepth (PortHole *p, DEStar *s)
int errorDelayFree (PortHole *p)
void errorUndefined (PortHole *p)

Member Function Documentation

int DEBaseSched::checkLoop ( PortHole *  p,
DEStar s 

utility subroutines shared by all (or at least most) DE schedulersdetect the delay-free loop

int DEBaseSched::errorDelayFree ( PortHole *  p)

report error conditions

void DEBaseSched::errorUndefined ( PortHole *  p)

report a undefined porthole finelevel

virtual double DEBaseSched::nextEvent ( ) const
pure virtual

Query whether there are pending events. Useful for DE inside wormholes. If there are no events, return a negative number.

Andreas Franck

Implemented in DEPriorityFreeScheduler, DEScheduler, CQScheduler, MutableCQScheduler, DERCScheduler, and DEPriorityScheduler.

int DEBaseSched::setDepth ( PortHole *  p,
DEStar s 

set the depth of the DEStars.

Member Data Documentation

const int DEBaseSched::cDefaultToUniversalPriority = -1

Fixed finelevel for all wormhole boundary outputs