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DEPortHole Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DEPortHole:
InDEPort OutDEPort DEtoUniversal InCTDEPort DEfromUniversal OutCTDEPort

Public Member Functions

const char * className () const
virtual void cleanIt ()
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
Particle & operator% (int)
const Particle & operator% (int) const

Public Attributes

int dataNew
int depth
double timeStamp
StringList getDataAsStrings () const
virtual size_t getCurrentParticleNumber () const throw ( PortAccessException )
virtual const Particle & getCurrentParticleAtIndex (size_t pIndex) const throw ( PortAccessException )
CircularBuffer mBuffer
size_t mBufferSize

Member Function Documentation

StringList DEPortHole::getDataAsStrings ( ) const

Access the contents of the port. Return a StringList containing string representations of the particles residing in the buffer. does not support element access.

Particle & DEPortHole::operator% ( int  delay)

Buffer Access

const Particle & DEPortHole::operator% ( int  delay) const

Buffer access (constant version)

Member Data Documentation

CircularBuffer DEPortHole::mBuffer

Buffer to store incoming or outgoing particles. Implemented here since buffering was removed from Base class PortHole