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DEStar Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DEStar:
CTDEStar DERepeatStar DEWormhole DERCStar

Public Member Functions

virtual void addEvent (SpecialEvent &pEvent)
void addResource (BaseResource &pRes)
const char * className () const
const char * domain () const
void eventDispatcher (const SpecialEvent *id, Type *data, int eventID)
bool getAndInputCondition () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
int isMutable ()
void makeMutable ()
int run ()
void sendOutput ()
void setAndInputCondition (bool pCondition=true)
virtual void startNewPhase ()

Public Attributes

double arrivalTime
double completionTime
int delayType
BasePrioQueue * eventQ
int isRCStar
InDEPort ** mInPortCache
int mNumberInputs
int mNumberOutputs
OutDEPort ** mOutPortCache

Static Public Attributes

static AddressTable GlobalAddressTable
static GotoGroup GlobalGoto

Protected Member Functions

void addEventEntry (const SpecialEvent *pAddr, PtrToEvMetT pf)
void setMode (FiringMode m)

Protected Attributes

FiringMode mode


class CQScheduler
class DEDynamicInstance
class DEDynMapBase
class DEPriorityFreeScheduler
class DEPriorityScheduler
class MutableCalendarQueue
class MutableCQEventQueue

Member Function Documentation

bool DEStar::getAndInputCondition ( ) const

Get the input condition for this primitive.

true for AND, false for OR input condition
void DEStar::setAndInputCondition ( bool  pCondition = true)

Set the input condition of the primitive. This method can be called in the constructor or the setup() method. Some schedulers use this information.

pConditiontrue for AND, false for OR input condition.

Member Data Documentation

InDEPort** DEStar::mInPortCache

Pointer array containing all input ports. Used to allow fast access.

int DEStar::mNumberInputs

The number of inputs. E.g used by DEPriorityScheduler and DEPriorityFreeScheduler

int DEStar::mNumberOutputs

The number of inputs. E.g used by DENetworkScheduler

OutDEPort** DEStar::mOutPortCache

Pointer array containing all output ports. Used to allow fast access. and correct ordering of events.