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DEWormhole Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DEWormhole:

Public Member Functions

 DEWormhole (Galaxy &g, Target *t=0)
Wormhole * asWormhole ()
void begin ()
void cleanup ()
Block * clone () const
SpecialEvent * eventWithName (const char *pName)
void initEvents ()
void initMemories ()
void initResources ()
void initState ()
int isItWormhole () const
Block * makeNew () const
Memory * memoryWithName (const char *name)
StringList print (int verbose) const
BaseResource * resourceWithName (const char *pName)
int run ()
Scheduler * scheduler () const
State * stateWithName (const char *name)
void wrapup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DEStar
virtual void addEvent (SpecialEvent &pEvent)
void addResource (BaseResource &pRes)
const char * className () const
const char * domain () const
void eventDispatcher (const SpecialEvent *id, Type *data, int eventID)
bool getAndInputCondition () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
int isMutable ()
void makeMutable ()
int run ()
void sendOutput ()
void setAndInputCondition (bool pCondition=true)
virtual void startNewPhase ()

Protected Member Functions

double getStopTime ()
void go ()
void setup ()
void sumUp ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DEStar
void addEventEntry (const SpecialEvent *pAddr, PtrToEvMetT pf)
void setMode (FiringMode m)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DEStar
double arrivalTime
double completionTime
int delayType
BasePrioQueue * eventQ
int isRCStar
InDEPort ** mInPortCache
int mNumberInputs
int mNumberOutputs
OutDEPort ** mOutPortCache
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DEStar
static AddressTable GlobalAddressTable
static GotoGroup GlobalGoto
- Protected Attributes inherited from DEStar
FiringMode mode

Member Function Documentation

int DEWormhole::run ( )

calls Star::run() to skip sendOutput