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DFtoUniversal Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DFtoUniversal (PortHole *p)
void receiveAndTransferData (double pTime, size_t pNumberTokens)
void receiveAndTransferDataFromPort (double time)

Member Function Documentation

void DFtoUniversal::receiveAndTransferData ( double  pTime,
size_t  pNumberTokens 

Transfer a number of tokens from the geodesics buffer across the wormhole boundary.

pTimetimestamp of the particles
pNumberTokensnumber of particles to transfer. It is convenient to pass this value here, since the Eventhorizons set this property to 1 if one side of the connection says onlyOne() == TRUE
void DFtoUniversal::receiveAndTransferDataFromPort ( double  time)

get Particle from the porthole buffer and transfer it across the Wormhole boundary. transfers numXfer() Particles We need a different access method

See Also
timetimestamp of Particles to transfer