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FSMGeodesic Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

const char * className () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const

Protected Attributes

ParticleStack mPStack
int mSize
FSMPortHolesourcePort ()
FSMPortHoledestPort ()
int size () const
void put (Particle *pPart)
Particle * get ()

Member Function Documentation

void FSMGeodesic::initialize ( )

Specific initialize() method. Adopted to initialize the FSM-specific data transport mechanisms.

int FSMGeodesic::isA ( const char *  ) const

class identification

int FSMGeodesic::size ( ) const

Buffer access Basically taken from old implementation of Geodesic, but we omit unneeded stuff as Gate-locking here.

FSMPortHole* FSMGeodesic::sourcePort ( )

Access source and destination ports, typed for FSM models. We have to use the ugly reinterpret_cast here because we cannot include FSMPortHole here to avoid circular inclusion.