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InCTDEPort Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for InCTDEPort:
InDEPort CTDEPortHole DEPortHole

Public Member Functions

Geodesic * allocateGeodesic ()
void connect (size_t pMyIdx, size_t pFarIdx, OutCTDEPort *pFarOut)
OutSignalDescriptor getConnectedOutputSignal (size_t pIndex) const
void getVector (double *pVal, size_t pN) const
void getVector (RVector &pVal) const
void getVector (std::vector< double > &pVal) const
int inheritWidth ()
void initialize ()
int isItInput () const
 operator RVector () const
const double operator[] (unsigned int pIdx) const
void setIOIndex (size_t pMyIndex, RVector *pIOVec, size_t pVecIndex)
bool setIOVector (RVector *pVec)
void setWidth (size_t pNewSize)
bool simpleConnect ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from InDEPort
void before (GenericPort &gp)
void cleanIt ()
void createQue ()
Particle & get ()
void getSimulEvent ()
int isItInput () const
int numSimulEvents ()
void triggers (GenericPort &op)
void triggers ()
int isComplete () const
const GenericPort *const getBeforePort () const
const SequentialList * getTriggerList () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DEPortHole
const char * className () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
Particle & operator% (int)
const Particle & operator% (int) const
StringList getDataAsStrings () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CTDEPortHole
 ~CTDEPortHole ()
 constructor More...
const char * className () const
int getWidth () const
int isA (const char *className) const
 Class identification. More...
void setWidth (int pNewWidth)

Protected Types

typedef std::valarray< size_t > IndexArrayT

Protected Attributes

< OutSignalDescriptor
IndexArrayT mIndexVec
- Protected Attributes inherited from InDEPort
GenericPort * beforeP
int complete
Queue * inQue
int moreData
SequentialList * triggerList
- Protected Attributes inherited from DEPortHole
CircularBuffer mBuffer
size_t mBufferSize
- Protected Attributes inherited from CTDEPortHole
RVector * mIOVec
int mWidth
FloatVectorR * mVector


class MultiInCTDEPort
virtual int getFromQueue (Particle *p)
Particle & get ()
void triggers (GenericPort &op)
void triggers ()
void before (GenericPort &gp)
int numSimulEvents ()
void getSimulEvent ()
void createQue ()
void cleanIt ()
 create inQue More...
StringList getDataAsStrings () const
virtual size_t getCurrentParticleNumber () const throw ( PortAccessException )
virtual const Particle & getCurrentParticleAtIndex (size_t pIndex) const throw ( PortAccessException )
bool checkNotify () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DEPortHole
int dataNew
int depth
double timeStamp
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CTDEPortHole
void initialize ()
bool initDebugVector ()

Member Function Documentation

bool InCTDEPort::checkNotify ( ) const

check for attached notify object and trigger an notification At the moment, it also checks for the sDebugPorts flag.

false in case an error occured
void InCTDEPort::cleanIt ( )

create inQue

Reimplemented from DEPortHole.

void InCTDEPort::connect ( size_t  pMyIdx,
size_t  pFarIdx,
OutCTDEPort pFarOut 
pMyIdxthe signal index of the inout signal
pFarIdxsignal index of the output signal to connect
pFarOutoutput port of the connection.
StringList InCTDEPort::getDataAsStrings ( ) const

Debug and visualisation interface Return a StringList containing string representations of the particles residing in the buffer. does not support element access.

virtual int InCTDEPort::getFromQueue ( Particle *  p)

Discrete-Event stuff. Basically, it calls the respective InDEPort method. Additionally, it checks the type and produces an error for CONTINUOUS ports.

Reimplemented from InDEPort.

void InCTDEPort::getVector ( double *  pVal,
size_t  pN 
) const

Get the input vector.

const reference to the input vector
int InCTDEPort::inheritWidth ( )

Determine and set the width of the input by inspecting the connected outputs. Must only be called during setup, not at runtime.

Resolved width, <0 at error.
void InCTDEPort::setIOIndex ( size_t  pMyIndex,
RVector *  pIOVec,
size_t  pVecIndex 

new interface: set iovec independent of connect() calls & in arbitrary order

bool InCTDEPort::setIOVector ( RVector *  pVec)

assign the IO-vector. Note that the IO vector is global for the complete model.

false when a consistency error is found.
bool InCTDEPort::simpleConnect ( )

connect to the output port at the far side of the geodesic. assure that the connected output has continuous type and matching size.