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InDDFPort Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void initialize ()
int isItInput () const
int moveData ()
template<class T >
void readBuffer (T *pBuf, size_t pNum)
void receiveData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DDFPortHole
void imageConnect ()
int isDynamic () const
void setDDFParams (unsigned numTokens=1)
void setNumXfer (int pNewRate)
PortHole & setSDFParams (unsigned numTokens, unsigned maxPctValue)

Protected Member Functions

void notifyPortDebug ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DDFPortHole
DFGeodesic * imageGeo
DFPortHole * imagePort

Member Function Documentation

void InDDFPort::notifyPortDebug ( )

Call notification method for every received particle

template<class T >
template void InDDFPort::readBuffer< CI_FLOAT > ( T *  pBuf,
size_t  pNum 

Receive a number of values and stored them in an array. This template method is instanciated for value types int and CI_FLOAT This method bypasses the receiveData()/operator% mechanism.

The caller has to assure that the connected geodesic contains at least pNum tokens.
void InDDFPort::receiveData ( )

get particles from input geodesic