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InSDFPort Class Reference
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SDFPortHole SDFtoUniversal

Public Member Functions

int isItInput () const
template<class T >
InSDFPortoperator>> (T **pBuffer)
void receiveData ()
void receiveDataWithPortDebug ()
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const char * className () const
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
void setNumXfer (int pNewRate)

Member Function Documentation

template<class T >
template InSDFPort & InSDFPort::operator>> ( T **  pBuffer)

Returns a buffer of Particle values. Reads in numXfer() particles from the connected Geodesic and copies their values to the buffer. Method is instantiated for int and CI_FLOAT.

buffer memory mamnagement is mindboggling. If *pBuffer=0, an buffer of size numXfer() is allocated and returned. Caller is responsible to delete the returned buffer .
void InSDFPort::receiveDataWithPortDebug ( )

specialized version of sendData() which sends port debug notifications