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ODE::ODESolver Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for ODE::ODESolver:

Public Member Functions

 ODESolver (Parameter &, VFunction_ &)
virtual void interpolate (double pInterpTime, RVector &pRes) const
virtual bool isInterpolatedStep ()
virtual void restart (RVector &x0, Real t0)=0
virtual void setBarrierTime (Real)
virtual void step (RVector &x, Real &t, Real endTime, bool pBarrier=false)=0
virtual bool supportsBandedStructure () const
virtual bool supportsInterpolation () const

Protected Member Functions

void f (const double *pX, double pTime, double *pRes)
void f (const RVector &pX, Real pTime, RVector &pRes)
void jacobian (const double *x, Real t, double *pFres, double *pJacRes)

Protected Attributes

virtual bool supportsStateEventDetection () const
virtual bool checkStateEvent () const
virtual double getFirstStateEvent (size_t &pSigNum) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ODE::SolverFactory
static bool exists (const char *name)
static ODESolvermakeNew (const char *name, Parameter &, VFunction_ &)
static bool supportsAlgebraicStates (const char *name)
static bool supportsBandedJacobian (const char *name)
static bool supportsBandedMassMatrix (const char *name)

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ODE::ODESolver::restart ( RVector &  x0,
Real  t0 
pure virtual
nonconstsince solver possibly modifies this value to establish consistent initial values.
virtual bool ODE::ODESolver::supportsInterpolation ( ) const

Prototypic interpolation interface.