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ODE::Parameter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool elementwiseTolerance () const
void resetTolerance ()
void setTolerance (const double *pAbsVec, const double *pRelVec, size_t pN)
void setTolerance (const RVector &pAbsVec, const RVector &pRelVec)

Public Attributes

FloatState mAbsErr
RVector mAbsTolVec
IntState mAccSteps
size_t mAlgebraicStates
IntState mDimension
IntState mFuncCalls
IntState mMaxIter
IntState mMaxOrder
FloatState mMaxStep
FloatState mMinStep
IntState mRejSteps
FloatState mRelErr
RVector mRelTolVec
FloatState mStepSize
bool mIsBanded
size_t mUpperBandWidth
size_t mLowerBandWidth
void setBanded (size_t pUB, size_t pLB)
void resetBanded ()
enum  MassType {
MassType mMassType
RVector mMassVec
size_t mMassBW
size_t mMassUB
size_t mMassLB
void setMass (MassType pType, size_t mMassSize=0, const double *pMtx=0, size_t pUB=0, size_t pLB=0)
size_t mNumberOfStateEventSignals
size_t mStateEventBaseOffset

Member Enumeration Documentation

Mass Matrix support

Member Function Documentation

void ODE::Parameter::setBanded ( size_t  pUB,
size_t  pLB 

Exploitation of jacobian structure

Member Data Documentation

size_t ODE::Parameter::mNumberOfStateEventSignals

State event location support