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SDFPTclTarget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SDFPTclTarget:
SDFTarget DataFlowTarget

Public Member Functions

 SDFPTclTarget (const char *, const char *)
void cleanup ()
Block * makeNew () const
int run ()
void setStopTime (double)
void wrapup ()
void writeFiring (Star &, int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SDFTarget
 SDFTarget (const char *nam, const char *desc, const char *assocDomain=SDFdomainName)
Block * makeNew () const
double nextFiringTime ()
int noOfInputs ()
int selfFiringRequested ()
void setup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataFlowTarget
 DataFlowTarget (const char *name, const char *starClass, const char *desc="", const char *assocDom=0)
virtual void begin ()
virtual bool isReadyToRun () const

Public Attributes

StringState destDirectory

Protected Member Functions

StringList ptclExecTimeCode ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SDFTarget
enum  Default_SDF_Schedulers {
 Available schedulers for default-SDF target. Given integer values are used as enumeration value that is stored in model description. Therefore, you can delete or add new elements, but you MUST NOT change the given integer values for the elements. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SDFTarget
StringState logFile
FloatState schedulePeriod
EnumState usedScheduler