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SDFScheduler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SDFScheduler:
AcyLoopScheduler SDFBagScheduler SDFClustSched

Public Member Functions

void compileRun ()
void copySchedule (SDFSchedule &s)
StringList displaySchedule ()
const char * domain () const
double getCurrentTime ()
double getStopTime ()
double progress ()
virtual int repetitions ()
void resetStopTime (double v)
int run ()
void setStopTime (double limit)
void setup ()

Public Attributes

int deferredFiring
double schedulePeriod

Protected Member Functions

virtual int addIfWeCan (DataFlowStar &atom, int deferFiring=FALSE)
virtual void adjustSampleRates ()
virtual int checkConnectivity ()
virtual int checkStars ()
virtual int computeSchedule (Galaxy &g)
virtual int prepareGalaxy ()
void reportDeadlock (DFGalStarIter &)
int reptArc (DFPortHole &port1, DFPortHole &port2)
int reptConnectedSubgraph (Block &block)
virtual void runOnce ()
int simRunStar (DataFlowStar &atom, int deferFiring=FALSE)

Protected Attributes

DataFlowStar * deferredStar
int invalid
int lcmOfDenoms
SDFSchedule mySchedule
long long numIters
long long numItersSoFar
int passValue
BlockList subgraph


class SDFSchedIter

Member Data Documentation

long long SDFScheduler::numIters

Stopping condition, number of cycles (Ptolemy: iterations) to simulate Type has been changed to long long (because int was to small)

long long SDFScheduler::numItersSoFar

Number of cycles already processed. Type has been changed to long long (because int was to small)