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SDFStar Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SDFStar:
SDFBaseCluster SDFCiCommon SDFWormhole SDFCluster SDFAtomCluster SDFClusterBag

Public Member Functions

const char * className () const
const char * domain () const
size_t getReqBufferSize (size_t pNumIters)
size_t getReqBufferSize ()
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
int isSDF () const
int isSDFinContext () const
int run ()
int runMultiple (unsigned int pBlock=1)

Protected Attributes

size_t mBufferSizePerIteration
size_t mDelayBufferSize

Member Function Documentation

size_t SDFStar::getReqBufferSize ( size_t  pNumIters)

output the required buffer size for all buffers. This method uses precomputed values to make it fast.