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SDFWormhole Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SDFWormhole:

Public Member Functions

 SDFWormhole (Galaxy &g, Target *t=0)
Wormhole * asWormhole ()
void begin ()
void cleanup ()
Block * clone () const
double getArrivalTime ()
void initMemories ()
void initState ()
int isItWormhole () const
Block * makeNew () const
Memory * memoryWithName (const char *name)
Scheduler * scheduler () const
State * stateWithName (const char *name)
void wrapup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SDFStar
const char * className () const
const char * domain () const
size_t getReqBufferSize (size_t pNumIters)
size_t getReqBufferSize ()
void initialize ()
int isA (const char *) const
int isSDF () const
int isSDFinContext () const
int run ()
int runMultiple (unsigned int pBlock=1)

Protected Member Functions

double getStopTime ()
void go ()
void goMultiple (size_t pBlock)
void setup ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SDFStar
size_t mBufferSizePerIteration
size_t mDelayBufferSize

Member Function Documentation

double SDFWormhole::getStopTime ( )

We have to overload the SDFStar::run method here, since receiveAndTransferData()/put() semantics overrun the data transfer implemented in SDFStar::run()