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SpecialEventQueueSTL Class Reference

#include <SEQEventQueue.h>

Public Member Functions

int cancelEvent (int pEventID)
int cancelEvent (int pEventID, Star *pDest)
int cancelEvent (const Type *pData, Star *pDest)
int cancelEvent (const TypeRef &pData, Star *pDest)
void clearFreeEvents ()
bool empty () const
SpecialEventEntryCget ()
SpecialEventEntryCgetFreeEvent ()
double getTimeOfEvent (int pEventID, Star *pDest) const
void initialize ()
bool isScheduled (int pEventID, Star *pDest) const
int length () const
void levelput (const SpecialEvent *pEmiter, Star *pDest, Type *pData, double pLevel, int pEvID)
void levelput (const SpecialEvent *pEmiter, Star *pDest, Type *pData, double pLevel, double pFineLevel, int pEvID)
double lowestPriority () const
void pop ()
void pushBack (SpecialEventEntryC *pEvent)
void putFreeEvent (SpecialEventEntryC *pEvent)
const SpecialEventEntryCtop () const

Detailed Description

Special Event queue replacement based on the stl

Member Function Documentation

int SpecialEventQueueSTL::cancelEvent ( int  pEventID)

Remove a link with a given ID.

int SpecialEventQueueSTL::cancelEvent ( int  pEventID,
Star *  pDest 

Remove a link with given ID and destination star.

In the current implementation, implemented as in SEQEventQueue, the pStar argument is ignored.
void SpecialEventQueueSTL::clearFreeEvents ( )

Clear the the collecion of free event link structures and free its memory.

bool SpecialEventQueueSTL::empty ( ) const

Query whether the queue is empty

SpecialEventEntryC* SpecialEventQueueSTL::get ( )

Return the first element and remove it from the queue. This element must be freed (or recycled) by the user.

The foremost element of the queue. NULL if the queue is empty.
SpecialEventEntryC* SpecialEventQueueSTL::getFreeEvent ( )

Get a free special event entry structure, either from the list of free links or, if necessary, a newly allocated one.

double SpecialEventQueueSTL::getTimeOfEvent ( int  pEventID,
Star *  pDest 
) const

Return the time stamp for a given event, -1 if the event is not in the queue.

void SpecialEventQueueSTL::initialize ( )

Remaove all entries from the queue.

bool SpecialEventQueueSTL::isScheduled ( int  pEventID,
Star *  pDest 
) const

Returns TRUE if there is an entry in queue for the specified id

int SpecialEventQueueSTL::length ( ) const

Return the number of events in the queue.

void SpecialEventQueueSTL::levelput ( const SpecialEvent *  pEmiter,
Star *  pDest,
Type *  pData,
double  pLevel,
int  pEvID 

Create a link with the given parameters and insert it into the queue.

double SpecialEventQueueSTL::lowestPriority ( ) const

Return the timestamp of the element at the front of the queue, inf if the queue is empty.

void SpecialEventQueueSTL::pop ( )

Remove the first element from the queue. The link is put to the store of free links internally.

void SpecialEventQueueSTL::pushBack ( SpecialEventEntryC pEvent)

Reinsert a previously removed link to the top of the queue,

void SpecialEventQueueSTL::putFreeEvent ( SpecialEventEntryC pEvent)

Put a link into the collection of free links.

const SpecialEventEntryC* SpecialEventQueueSTL::top ( ) const

Return the foremost element without removing it.