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StateEventState Class Reference

#include <StateEventState.h>

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Public Member Functions

const char * className () const
State * clone () const
StringList currentValue () const
StateEvent::direction getPendingState (size_t pIdx)
void initialize ()
void initializeStateVector (double **pValHandle, size_t tStartIdx, StateEvent::direction *pSetFlags, const StateEvent::direction *pGetFlags)
int isA (const char *) const
const StateEventStateoperator= (const RVector &pVal)
double & operator[] (size_t pIdx)
void resize (size_t pNewSize)
void resize (size_t pNewSize, StateEvent::direction pDirection)
void set (const RVector &pVal)
void set (const double *pVal, size_t pNum)
void setEventCondition (size_t pIdx, StateEvent::direction pCondition)
void setEventCondition (StateEvent::direction pCondition)
int size () const
const char * type () const
bool setInputInfluence ()
bool setInputInfluence (InCTDEPort &pPort)
bool setInputInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, InCTDEPort &pPort)
bool setInputInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, InCTDEPort &pPort, size_t pInIdx)
bool unsetInputInfluence ()
bool unsetInputInfluence (InCTDEPort &pPort)
bool unsetInputInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, InCTDEPort &pPort)
bool unsetInputInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, InCTDEPort &pPort, size_t pInIdx)
bool setStateInfluence ()
bool setStateInfluence (IntegratorState &pPort)
bool setStateInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, IntegratorState &pPort)
bool setStateInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, IntegratorState &pPort, size_t pInIdx)
bool unsetStateInfluence ()
bool unsetStateInfluence (IntegratorState &pPort)
bool unsetStateInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, IntegratorState &pPort)
bool unsetStateInfluence (size_t tMyIdx, IntegratorState &pPort, size_t pInIdx)
void accept (StateVisitor &v)

Detailed Description

Represent a continuous state variable. States in continuous simulation differ from conventional primitive states. They are used by the ODE solver. The representation of the value is stored in a model-wide state vector. This class keeps an handle and an index value to this external state vector.

Member Function Documentation

void StateEventState::accept ( StateVisitor &  v)

State visitor interface

StateEvent::direction StateEventState::getPendingState ( size_t  pIdx)

Return whether the signal indexed by inpIdx has an state event pending.

void StateEventState::initialize ( )


void StateEventState::initializeStateVector ( double **  pValHandle,
size_t  tStartIdx,
StateEvent::direction *  pSetFlags,
const StateEvent::direction *  pGetFlags 

fill the global state vector with my initial value for now, simply use initialize(), change to shadow value later (See IntegratorArrayState)

const StateEventState& StateEventState::operator= ( const RVector &  pVal)

Assign the value of the state event function (operator form).

double& StateEventState::operator[] ( size_t  pIdx)

Get a writable reference to an index of the state event vector. Used for element-wise assignment of the state event function.

void StateEventState::resize ( size_t  pNewSize)

Change the size of the state. the direction settings for persisting elements are preserved, if the size is enlarged, new elements get the direction setting StateEvent::both

void StateEventState::resize ( size_t  pNewSize,
StateEvent::direction  pDirection 

Change the size of the state. The direction settings for all elements is set to pDirection

void StateEventState::set ( const RVector &  pVal)

Assign the value of the state event function (method version).

void StateEventState::set ( const double *  pVal,
size_t  pNum 

Assign the value of the state event function from a c-style array.

void StateEventState::setEventCondition ( size_t  pIdx,
StateEvent::direction  pCondition 

Declare which signal crossings will be notified This method is callable in the primitives setup() or go() method, but not from evalOutput

void StateEventState::setEventCondition ( StateEvent::direction  pCondition)

Set event condition for complete state

See Also
setEventCondition( size_t pIdx, StateEvent::direction pCondition )
bool StateEventState::setInputInfluence ( )

Define dependency relations

int StateEventState::size ( ) const

Unfortunately, this method is virtual and its return type is (signed) int due to its declaration in State.