Graphical User Interface

User Interface Structure

MLDesigner’s graphical user interface (GUI) provides an environment for developing and simulating hierarchical system models on varying levels of abstraction. This can be done graphically or textually. The built-in PTcl interpreter is integrated into the MLDesigner GUI and accepts PTCL commands for text-based modeling.

The main MLDesigner’s GUI elements are described here.


User preferences vary a lot. As a result it is possible to change the defaults for a variety of Graphical User Interface settings. Here you'll find a brief description of all options.


MLDesigner’s workspace is a multiple document interface, that is, all opened models appear within Model Editor Windows inside the workspace area.

Tree View

There are three different views for navigating the Tree View window, the Library View, Model View, and Search View.

Property Editor

The Property Editor is used to modify the common properties of models as well as the properties of model instances and other model elements such as ports, memories, events and resources. The Property Editor is also used to define parameters and target parameters of models. Additionally, model elements such as delays, buses and labels are configured using the Property Editor.

Console View

The Console View is used to interact with MLDesigner using the built-in interpreter and to inform you about the status of MLDesigner.

Menu bar

The menu bar contains several drop-down menus. Those menus are briefly described here.


For faster access to operations, the MLDesigner graphical user interface has a number of toolbars.