Handle models

The handling of models involves different tasks. These tasks include how to create new models in various ways, how to update models developed with older versions of MLDesigner, and what to consider when copying models.

Create new models

You can create new models with the Create New Model dialog.

Copy existing models

There are a couple of ways to copy existing models. They differ in the aspect of what is copied.

Create Special Primitives

A Special Primitive is a specialization of a Primitive that has either parameters or multiple ports or both. With a Special Primitive, you can assign constant values to a parameter or specify the exact number of ports a multiple port stands for.

Create Primitives from source

It is possible to create a Primitive from a source file. This is only useful if you have stars (primitive source code) created using Ptolemy or have written primitive source by hand.

Export/Import models

To exchange models with others or to safeguard your modeling progress the Export Library and Import Library functionality is provided.

Update models

You can open models developed with earlier versions of MLDesigner, you can view them like any other model in the Model Editor but before you can run a simulation you have to update these models.

Delete models

Because there are references of models and the models themselves, there are two options to delete models.