Shared Libraries

With Shared Libraries, you can share your models with others in a common workgroup.

It is possible to develop a library below My Libraries (which is specified by the MLD_USER environment variable) and then move this library to the Shared Libraries (which is specified by the MLD_SHARED environment variable). However, since the MLD_USER environment variable is dynamic (because it can be different for every user) the following prerequisite applies.

All models and files needed by systems in the library must be located within this library, or in a location that never changes, such as the libraries that come with MLDesigner or the directory to which the environment variable MLD_SHARED is pointing.

The reason for this is that the systemName.mml file contains references to all model elements needed for the system to function. If these variables change then MLDesigner will not be able to locate the missing model elements.

By default the Shared Libraries are not visible in the Tree View. You can set the location for the shared libraries temporarily (that is, for the duration of the current MLDesigner session), via the Settings dialog in the category MLD→Environment.

You can set the location for the shared libraries permanently by adding an environment variable to your operating system environment. The name of this variable is MLD_SHARED and the value is the location of the shared libraries. Keep in mind that the location has to be a directory where all members of the supposed workgroup have read/write access.

Export a top-level library to Shared Libraries

You can move a library to Shared Libraries by using the Export Library and Import Library functions. This ensures that all models used or referenced by models in this library are also transfered to Shared Libraries.