MLDesigner’s workspace is a multiple document interface, that is, all opened models appear within Model Editor Windows inside the workspace area.

Each Model Editor Window consists of a headline, a model editing area, and scrollbars for vertical and horizontal navigation within the model. Clicking and holding the left mouse on the hand icon in the bottom right corner of the Model Editor Window enables you to quickly navigate to elements within large models. Open any system in MLD Libraries→Demos library and select the Model View tab in the Tree View Window to see the hierarchical structure of the system. The headline of each window shows the physical location of the open model.

The workspace can function in three different modes:

Cascade Mode
In cascade mode, all the Model Editor Windows have an arbitrary size and are placed in arbitrary positions inside the workspace. The size and position of each window can be set by clicking on the border of the window and dragging the window to the desired size.
Tile mode
In tile mode, the workspace is divided in equally sized segments and all models are visible. This mode only applies to open workspace windows. Additional windows will be opened in cascade mode.
Full mode
In full mode, all Model Editor Windows are sized to fit the workspace window size. Only the active Model Editor Window is shown in this mode.

If there is more than one window open, you can switch between the previous and next Model Editor Window by using the change window buttons.

Previous Window
Next Window

Menu items and icons on the toolbar are connected to operations of the active Model Editor Window only.