Property Editor

The Property Editor is used to modify the common properties of models as well as the properties of model instances and other model elements such as ports, memories, events and resources. The Property Editor is also used to define parameters and target parameters of models. Additionally, model elements such as delays, buses and labels are configured using the Property Editor.

(a) Primitive Properties
(b) Instance Properties

To edit the properties select the field you wish to edit by clicking the relevant item in the Value column. The text in non-editable fields is gray. The data input method differs depending on the type of value. Certain types of values have a button which opens a dialog where the value can be defined. Other types of properties such as parameters, ports, memories, and events are expandable cells where a property must be selected from a drop-down menu. For parameters of model instances, only the value of the parameter can be set. The Property Editor is also used to link model instance properties like parameters, memories, events and resources to other model elements.

The simulation properties window is only visible when MLDesigner is in simulation mode. To see the simulation properties window click the Switch to Simulation Mode icon on the toolbar. All system parameters defined with external scope in the System Properties, are visible in the Simulation Properties window. These parameters can be changed without modifying the system.

Creating enumeration parameters

Parameters with Data Type enum are configured by a special dialog which can be opened by clicking on the ellipsis button of the Value field. This contains the possibility to Add, Delete and change the order of the enumeration entries. The order can be changed by using the Up and Down buttons. Every entry contains a Label, a Symbolic Value and an Index which can be changed arbitrarily but Index and Label must be unique.  

Enumeration dialog for parameter