FSM Properties

Additional Code

Defines additional ptlang primitive source code in context with a finite state machine. Likewise for MLDesigner primitive models, it is possible to include additional header files or to define global variables and functions. These functions can be called in any action associated with states, transitions or default entrances. Global variables can be read and written in any action and used in expressions of transition guard conditions.

Create STD File

Allows you to revert FSM models to the old format. The main purpose for this property is the further support of FSM code-generating tools which are based on the semantic of Ptolemy and previous versions of MLDesigner. If the value of this property is set to Yes, the STD file with the name of the source FSM model and the extension .std is generated each time the associated FSM model is saved. For more information see Backward Compatibility of the FSM domain.


Can be used to change the name of the current state data structure associated with every FSM model. In this context, the old current state data structure is removed from the parent library model of the FSM model and a new generated current state data structure based on the new specified name is added to the parent library.

Internal Events

A space separated list of the names of the internal events of the finite state machine. Each time the value of this property changes, every item on the list of internal events is checked to see if it is unique in the scope of the FSM Model and not equal to the name of any interface element.