Use labels for annotation

It is often useful to annotate a block diagram with titles and comments.

Use the tool button Add Text Label to switch to the label creation mode. In this mode, every click on the model background adds a text label. When a label is selected the Label Properties plane is active in the Property Editor, the Text of the label and number of other properties can be defined there. To switch back from the label creation mode explicitly, right-click or use the tool button Select Tool.

Sine modulator example - Step 7

The next step is to add a descriptive label to the Sine Modulator System.

  1. Select the Model Editor Window that contains the Sine Modulator System model.
  2. Click the Add Text Label toolbar button to switch to label creation mode.
  3. Click on the model background where you want the label to be.
  4. Right-click to leave label creation mode.
  5. Select the label and enter Sine wave modulator example system as Text in the Label Properties.
  6. Choose a Font for the label and increase the size of the font.
  7. Reposition the label if you have to and Save the model.

The next step is to color the model components.