Create and view model documentation

One crucial point of modeling is the documentation of developed model components. MLDesigner provides a mechanism to automatically create and browse hypertext documentation.

Create documentation

Every time saving a model, MLDesigner automatically creates a hypertext documentation. This hypertext documentation contains descriptions for

Furthermore you can export these documentations to view them without the aid of MLDesigner. To do this for a certain library, right-click on the Tree View item representing the library and click on Export Documentation. The XHTML Documentation Export dialog will appear, where you can choose, among other things, a location for the files which are about to be generated. Click OK to start creation of the documentation.

View documentation

There are different ways to open the hypertext documentation for a model component. If the model is not opened in a design window, you can take the Tree View. Right-click on the Tree View item which represents the model you want to view the documentation for and click on Online Documentation.

If the model is already opened in a design window , you can use the Online Documentationtool button or the keyboard key D to open the documentation. Depending on your selection the documention of the opened model or the selected model instance is shown.

Only one hypertext documentation browser can be open at any given moment.