Data Structure Management

Data structures are entities for manipulating data in and between modules. If you want to define and use complex data structures, scalar types might not provide sufficient functionality.

The Data structure window is a complex of classes which tries to simulate as best as possible the variety of data types. The need for them arises when you want to send complex data structures over input and output ports. These mechanisms are also used by Memories and Events to store data and to read new values from and write new values to them.

Managing Data Structures

MLDesigner supports the definition of complex data types. The difference between MLDesigner data types and the original base types is that you can define arbitrarily structured data types as well as special user defined data types, such as enumerations.

Managing enumeration elements

Using Data Structures

You can declare both input and output ports as well as parameters as type datastruct. If you do the Data Structure property becomes visible. A click on the green icon in the input field opens the Select Data Structure dialog.

Data Structure Libraries

MLDesigner provides libraries containing primitives for handling or manipulating data structures.