Managing enumeration elements

To view or edit elements of an EnumType, use the lower section of the Data Structure View. Here elements will be listed when an EnumType is selected in the data structure tree. Since elements can only be edited in the EnumType originally defining them, inherited elements are not editable and shown with a gray background. Managing enumeration elements works very similar to managing members of composite data structure members in that it is done through the context menu in the lower section. Right-click in the list to open it.

Adding enumeration elements

To add a new element to an editable EnumType, right-click anywhere in the lower section while the EnumType is selected in the tree of data structures. Choose New Element... to open the element editor. The Index field defaults to the next available index, but it can be set to any positive whole number including 0. The Value field must be set to a valid identifier. Click the OK button to add the new element. If an element with this index or value already exists in the EnumType, you will now be asked to confirm overwriting of the existing element(s).

Editing and deleting enumeration elements

Edit enumeration elements

Right-click on the element in the list and choose Edit.... The element editor will be shown.

The editor will open but will be inactive if the Library where the element is saved is write protected.

Delete enumeration elements

To delete an element, right-click on it in the list and choose Delete.... This item will only be available for editable enumeration types. When the warning dialog is confirmed, the element will be removed.

The library is saved immediately and there is no way to undo deleting an element.