Addressed Fit Policy

When the Addressing Mode is Indexed, the Addressed Fit Policy resource attribute controls how the Indexed Usage Vector is searched when a transaction enters an Allocate block. Possible values for this attribute are FirstFit and BestFit.

When set to the default value, FirstFit, the Allocate module begins searching the Indexed Usage Vector at index zero and stops when it finds a contiguous block of units at least as large as the quantity requested. If the addressed fit policy is BestFit, the indexed usage vector is searched for the smallest unused block of units large enough to satisfy the request.

Setting the addressed fit policy to BestFit may cause longer simulation run times, especially if the number of resource units is large.

If the Addressing Mode resource attribute is NonIndexed, the value of the Addressed Fit Policy resource attribute is not used and has no effect on the operation of the resource.