Show the current status

Commands to display information about the current state of the interpreter.

Display the known classes

The knownlist command returns a list of known classes of primitives and modules that are usable in the current domain. The syntax is


It is also possible to ask for a list of objects available in other domains, for example, the command

knownlist DE

displays objects available in the DE domain.

Display information about the current module or any other known class

If invoked without an argument, the print command displays information on the current module. If invoked with an argument, the argument is either the name of a primitive or module contained in the current module, or the name of a class on the known list. The information is shown about that primitive or module. The syntax is

print [<name>]

The command

descriptor [<name>]

will print a short description of a block in the current module or on the known list, or of the current module if name is omitted. The commands

listobjs params [<name>]

listobjs ports [<name>]

listobjs multiports [<name>]

will list the names of the parameters, ports, or multi portholes associated with the named primitive or module.