Undo commands

Commands to remove part or all of the structure you have built with previous commands.

Reset the interpreter

The reset command replaces the system main or a named system by an empty system. Any defmodule definitions you have made are still remembered. The syntax is

reset [<system>]

Remove a primitive

The delprimitive command removes the named primitive from the current module. The syntax is

delprimitive [<name>]

where name is the name of the primitive.

Remove a connection

The disconnect command reverses the effect of a previous connect or nodeconnect command. The syntax is

disconnect <block> <port>

where block and port, taken together, specify one of the two connected portholes. Note that you can disconnect by specifying either end of a porthole for a point-to-point connection.

Remove a node

The delnode command removes a node from the current module. The syntax is:

delnode <node>