Getting Started

The field of modeling and simulation is extremely diverse and complex. In todays competitive environment, software based design tools and simulation interpreters, are critical if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. The software you are about to install, MLDesigner is a tool which helps you design complex systems, combine models of computation, run simulations, and analyze
the results of simulations.

We at MLDesign Technologies, Inc. understand the importance of quickly gaining confidence with a new modeling environment. As a result we have provided several tools to help you master the user interface, the libraries, and the modeling environment. You will quickly learn how to create primitives, modules and systems, as well as how to start a simulation and gather information for analysis.

Once installation of MLDesigner is completed you can open all documentation with a simple click on the Help button situated rightmost in the menu bar of the MLDesigner gui. There you'll find the following buttons: